12-15-16 by dave

Just a trace of snow fell overnight, but the wind was working the hill hard.  The West aspects had been stripped to the old icy layer, with the transported snow ending up on the North and Northeast aspects, which were wind buffed smooth top to bottom.  Yesterday, an upper shot was bare rock, and this morning it was covered with over 4′ of wind buffed that made laps there hard to deny.  The fairly light traffic and continued wind conditions, made those lines stay perfect and wide open all day.  I made a trip over to Gad 2 to check out the pack.  I found lots of nice lines and the newly machine worked lines really topped off the fun factor over there.  Here is a shot of Vince who was getting every bit of the loose dust that he could scare up.  dsc04175These are the days that never get tracked out and have to be savored for the continuous resurfacing that only the wind can provide. The snow that was holding on the surface was dry and chalky, and it shaved effortlessly under the edge.  Here is an example of what can happen if you don’t make sure your boots are laced up tight.  This will be a problem.dsc04176While the West side of the hill took a beating from the wind, it still managed to hang on to plenty of cover with the high density pack that exists there and will not easily be moved.  Tomorrow, look for a storm day to be on tap if the weather dude’s predictions pan out.  Remember the smooth lines from today, but after all the wind much of the hill is fairly smooth with the low amplitude rumble mellowing out quickly.   It is only on those more sheltered, high traffic lines that are still holding significant interference patterns.  I continually meet folks who are new to the hill and are exploring the possibilities.  I am always excited for them.  Here is a shot of Team TEXAS, who were stoked to get to the peak and see the smooth lines that awaited them.  dsc04178Check the Bird site in the AM for further updates and info on the Canyon.  It is going to be a great day and lots of snow is in the forecast.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!                                                                       There was another famous Kazoodie’s Pizza Extravaganza last night, where Mike brought all the fixin’s for the pie with him on his flight from LA. where he stashed it all in checked luggage.  He owns several restaurants there and he brought the LA experience to LCC.  Here are a couple of shots of the pan pies he made next to his trademark take out boxes.   dsc04164dsc04174These pies were off the charts tasty and with Kazoodie’s new Pizza Oven giving it that special something something, it was a pizza tasting delight.   This could turn into something.  IBBY!!

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