3-04-10 by dave

The winds of change were blowing with intent this Thursday morning signaling the beginning of a system moving in for the next few days.  There were a lot of folks arriving from everywhere just in time for the festivities.  Walk on Trams were still going off regularly, but lallygagging would leave you out of the back to back pace that was fully in play.   The wind was transporting the available product from yesterday, filling in the guts and bumps in anticipation of the next installment of special sauce.  Some of the deeper sections were a tad on the grabby side as the wind slabbed the accumulation.  The High North sections were benefiting the most from the wind direction, though the West facing was not being left out of the improvements.  West facing still has that crusty,choppy substrate to contend with,  so look for the less traveled shots for the least turn interruption.  The Groomers were much improved from yesterday with the tillers mixing the fresh with the older material.  Again, the grooming crew has been broadening the parameters of the regularly  worked sections providing blissful velvet that is only improved by the light wind buff.  I was dialing back the speed dial to take advantage of the sweetest turns I’ve gotten all week.  When you get to work the living room shag with impunity, one should take every opportunity to luxuriate in the rarity. The line up of weather reminds me of the last big instalment, which quickly covered all the blemishes and erased all memories of hard driving.  I have been fully confident that this type of cycle would arrive and here it is for us.   Got to love the storm riding.  All is good to go with no real advisories, except to check to road report in the AM. for any changes in accessibility.   See you for the fun tomorrow.  Ciao!!!

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  1. Chauncey says:

    Hey Dave,
    Love your fabulous prose. Your descriptions are esquisite. Krizia and I will see you in the morning. If you get a chance, go to and check out our video from the last trip with original music by us. Cool website!
    Chauncey and Krizia

  2. tom says:

    i love your website & your posts. great stuff!

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