12-21-13 by dave

There was just a skiff on the Trailer this morning as I left for the hill.  I did not accumulate too much more on the hill overnight, so the rumble was in full effect.  The winds were kicking hard on the upper third of the hill, which made the consistency a bit dodgy from time to time.  The visibility issues did not help the ride as it was very tough to see the the abrupt transitions.  This is not to say that the feel was not wonderful, it was, and the increased precipitation began to build up the cushion.  My knees were screaming at me as I was hitting the hill on my usual day off to make up for the few days that I will be OFF PLANET next week.  Mineral Basin did not open today due to the extreme conditions, but they will be working hard to get it open tomorrow.  Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation to be adding the the pack as another front is moving down out of the North.  There is talk of freezing rain here in the Valley, but that will translate into some righteous SPACKLE to further build the base and cover the features.  I am1461050_695208223830866_948260021_n much more inclined to begin working the off trail now that most of the terrain has been worked over sufficiently.  The well worked entrances will still be scraped thin so tread lightly as you move through those entry points.  Fall lines are getting real now and a full assault is looking good, but on the machine worked runs still be expecting some of the slick spots to still be in play.  These spots will be becoming less an issue as the base builds, so know it is lurking in the usual spots.  Here is another shot of the very same atmospheric treat from last week.  I still can not believe this rarity, so I share this additional testimonial to such a rare sight. The COSMIC EYE looking right at us. Yikes!! See  you there for the morning fun.  Stay Frosty!!

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