12-20-13 by dave

DSC01693After yesterday’s medium density installment, there was an additional accumulation of some fluffulecent ultra light dust to greet the faithful.  There was quite a push for the goods with a full maze waiting for the word GO.  Regulator was the only run open off the top for the first part of the morning, after which Peruvian Gulch opened with the echos of hoots and hollers floating through the air continually.  Folks were stoked and who could blame them.  It is beginning to feel more like it should after such a stretch of firmness.  Even the harbor chop was holding off due to the light density addition, but where the high amplitude interference patterns had been established earlier,  they were still very much alive and well.  The softness took some of the sting out of the abrupt transitions, but those areas were easily avoided.  Tomorrow, look for another storm to move in, adding to the goodness, and the opening of Mineral Basin as well as the Alta Connection.  This new snow will make the skiing out there much better, but it will be best to stay in the worked runs for the first while.  Here is a shot of Mineral Basin I took today with the floating dust glowing in mid air.  Such a beautiful sight.  Be there early for the best of the day and stay as the conditions get deeper as the storm unloads.  See you there for the festivities.  IBBY!!   Woops, something happened with the photo insert and I have no idea what. Hmmmm.  Later.

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