7-24-13 by dave

The hill is in full bloom, with the the activities going full on the mountain.  They are making very nice progress on the Mt Coaster and I am looking forward to checking it out.  Here is a shot I took the other day of the rail system.  The wild flowers are really going off and a hike up the hill is good to scope out the lines we ride daily.  It always blows me away the we really never touch the ground when we are sliding, except for the occasions that we tag a rock or snag, but we pass over all of it riding the Essential cushion.  Looking for the grassy areas is instructive for the early season to avoid the obvious reefs.  The other really instructive element is the pitch that we deal with without thought.  Even the easy sections and cat tracks are taxing when you hoof it up  the hill.  It gives the hill an entirely different perspective when you approach it in the opposite direction.   My knees are recovering nicely as well as my shoulder, which almost has full range of motion.   Just a bit more  rehab and it will be good to go.  The Chef has been keeping me posted on the hiking conditions as I am still in the way outback of the High Desert getting the TRANSMISSIONS from the Galactic Federations which keep tabs on me.  His garden is growing off the charts and is the envy of his neighborhood.  The pictures he sends are amazing as the last post attests.   I am beginning to turn my thoughts to the ski visualizations in anticipation of the season which is now fast approaching.  The concept of NOW is an interesting idea to hold as that is so important when in mid flight down the hill.  Can’t be thinking about extaneous spleephage when you are in full effect if you know what I mean.    I will be posting more often now as we move toward the season.  Check out Snowbird Secrets now available by clicking on the Cover Art.  Ciao for NOW!!!!DSC01540

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  1. Jack says:

    So Dave…… how ’bout the new Gad 2 lift? Can you report in on it’s progress? Back here in Maine, we’re always anxious to hear bits of data, especially now that we’re fast approaching the ‘other side of summer.’ Thanks for keeping us posted.

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