1-16-18 by dave

With amazingly low traffic, today was wide open on the hill. The morning was warm, sunny, and that weather looks like it will hold off another day yet. Mineral Basin was offering some very nice quality machine work, with Powder Paradise open and smooth top to bottom on the prepared line. Off trail there was some variable sections, and I was able to check out some nice lines that I have been only looking at up till now. I moved over to the Peruvian side of the hill, finding solitary lines that felt smooth and velvety, especially under the Guns that were pumping out the dust. I was able to dig in deep on those special deposits, go back and do it all over again, as there was just no one there. After Noon, I went over and looked a bit more closely at Lewis and Clark to get a better sense of where the features were for later reference. Here is a shot of the Bird Feeder that keeps those beautiful high mountain birds happy with plenty of seeds. Tomorrow, look for another day of Sun on the hill as the next weather system continues to gather in the West. Amazing machine worked lines will be offering velvet lines on all sides of the hill. I expect traffic to be very light once again, and it will be fun to take advantage of the private resort feel. Those Mineral Basin lines will be offering the Sunshine lines with Lewis and Clark offering great terrain variations top to bottom, keeping the interest level high. See you there for the ground pounding fun. Lay It Over Like Ligety!!

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