5-25-11 by dave

I went to hike Little Superior this morning, looking for some corn.  I thought that after all that rain and stormage this week, we would see a supportable crust, but I was denied.  Looking across the street, The Bird was still holding up the full fatness, with the rain and light snow fall smoothing out the complexion.  The only melt off that I could see was two high points on Lower Silver Fox, but they presented no issue at all.  The Sun was out in force, but the forecast is for a cold front Thursday, with an unsettled weekend.   The full fatness will make it possible for the Grooming crew to lay down some nice lines for us, and the off trail will have some smooth sections, but the West facing shots are still suffering from the slide damage of recent weeks.  The high North is still looking smooth as well as South and East, but you will have to check the solidity of each.  Last week the North facing still had not solidified sufficiently, so I bailed on my first attempt.  I will be giving you a more first hand report on Friday so stay tuned.  Ciao!!

2 Responses to “WEDNESDAY UPDATE”

  1. BB says:

    What are the chances of the season being extended beyong 5/30/11? Any talk of that?

  2. dave says:

    Indeed yes!!. Snowbird reported in the paper today that they planned on going all the way to the 4th of July. With 175” of base, they feel confident that the pack will enable them to keep things going until then. So plan on being there for the fun.

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