11-11-14 by dave

Last week things were not looking good with the long range forecast calling for more of this balmy fall weather and no snow in sight.  Well, that has now changed with the forecast featuring a series of weather events spanning the next while as the Polar Vortex drops into the lower 48.  Now, there is some snow up on the hill after the last event, and the snow making efforts are ongoing with the cold temps up high. What does this mean?  It means that we may get that opener next week if all the stars align and my snow dancing is doing any good.  I hope you all out there are getting down with the snow dancing as it is great preseason conditioning and just plain fun to shake the tail feathers.  I will get up on the hill tomorrow to stock the Locker and get it turn key ready for day 1.     I was visiting with the horses in the coral next to where the Trailer is parked for the Winter, and they seemed to be very  enthusiastic about the nice temps.  I told them to get ready, however, they seemed not too impressed with my prognostications, but I am sticking with them.   I was getting down loads from the Arcturian Collective about some high energy beams they have been detecting, so I asked them to give me shout out that I could pass on to all of you.  There was this wild looking cloud directly overhead as I was chatting with the horses, so I took this shot of the rainbow effect, and low and behold there was this curious ” Whatever”  centered there in the shot. DSC00029 Now, I have no Photo Shop, and I did not see this when I took the shot, so you be the judge.  It think I got what I asked for,  not to mention a wild looking cloud, perhaps, signaling the arrival of the Big Return.  That is my story and I am sticking with it.  Remember, Syrup Won’t Stop ‘ Em!!

2 Responses to “WEATHER CHANGE”

  1. clairebear says:

    Yea Dave! The cloud was totally giving you a signal. What is is remains to be seen….I, for one, am confident that it will be a snowy return of winter-my favorite time. Cold snow,no crowds, holiday vibe without the tinsel. Bring it on!

  2. Brian says:

    I’m dancing my tail off.

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