3-27-13 by dave

This morning it was 34 Degrees on the peak, but there was still a nip in the air, and it payed to have my hat and goggles on.  As anticipated, the hill has held the cold and the Cat Crew did a sweet job preparing the dance floor on all sides of the hill.  Mineral Basin was bathed in Sun, and  white Diamonds was set up for smooth high speed rock and roll, with cold chalky corduroy to dial in the fall line.  With the Sun so high in the sky that South facing shot was not going to last long, so I took advantage of the vacant acreage and got as much as I could.  The front side of the hill also offered aDSC01398 ground pounding extravaganza, with the Big Smooth buffed and velvety.  The nip in the air held the Sun damage off until Noon, when the snow began to paste up under the solar assault.  It was not until 1:30 PM that the ambient temps began to hit the North faces, and the flats began to develop glue spots at which time it was wise to dial it back a bit going into the flats to avoid going over the handle bars. Tomorrow, expect another sunny day, with warm temps again working the hill.  The Groomers might get one more reprieve if the tillers pull up some of the deeper cold, but  you should expect real crusty lines on everything but the North faces.  Off trail is consolidating, with the High North still workable, but the low amplitude rumble is widespread,though that  poses no real issues.  Here is a shot of the early morning shading on the far reaches of the hill.   Stay Frosty!!

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