11-18-12 by dave

There was a light turn out for first Bucket this morning, but folks showed up later pushing the line out the door off and on.  The unsettled flow brought 5 to 6” of fresh frosting to the hill, with a dense consistency that felt luxurious and forgiving.  The Groomers were the best bet with consistent terrain as opposed to the severe off trail terrain features.  Now is the time to be scoping out the visible hazards so you know where they are when they get covered by the continued flow of moisture that is predicted to keep adding to the base.   There is very little ice on the main runs, though some of the concentrated snow making areas are a bit firm, but pose no serious problems.  It is the off trail sections that hold the extreme variations that will get you.  As we get more cover from the prefrontal blitz it will improve each day


, but in the mean time be careful.   Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation to be added overnight and a light turn out, so it will be prime for early season training.  The hill is shaping up quickly and is poised to take full advantage of any additional accumulation.  I was not able to get a good photo today due to the visibility, so here is an example of one of my art experiments this Summer.  Ciao!!!

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