4-06-13 by dave

It was a beautiful morning for the Competition, with nice Sun and fresh goods for the kids to work with.  The Groomers were refreshed as well, as the new product got worked into the mat.  Mineral Basin was bathed in light, but was going to go fast with the warm rays working the direct sections.  After Noon, impulses started to move into the Front, and visibility went South quickly, but it was a fast mover and cleared off almost as fast as it came in.   The forecast is for some significant accumulation in the next few days, so prepare for fun and seriously deep Essence to return.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to have been reworked on all sides of the hill, and especially look for those far reaches where the traffic was light for a private resort feeling.  I will be back on the hill first thing in the AM, so I will get the first hand look at the hill and a more detailed report.  Here is a shot I took just the other day of the Toad Hill buttresses looking super 3D in the morning Sun.  Stay Frosty!!DSC01422

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