1-26-24 by dave

It was a tale of two worlds today as there were flurries and clouds on the front of the hill, and if you went through the Tunnel, you emerged out into a beautiful blue bird day. Who would have thought, but it does happen sometimes and today was one of those days. Fresh Essence had fallen, though not with as much depth as predicted, but it sure was soft and fluffy. Those smooth lines I was looking for were right where I left them and were offering amazing turns top to bottom.

A view down Canyon like looking at Heaven!!
White Diamonds got the full on industrial smoothing effort which carried around to Lower Silver Dipper. Loaded with delicious!!

With the Sun in Mineral Basin, it drew the crowd and the front of the hill mellowed out, which offered those smooth prepared lines there without much clutter. Full platform engagement was the theme for today as the conditions are quite consistent.

Kevin Canton getting some nice turns in Mozzarella Bowl today. Fresh!!!
Mark Herath dialing it up and dialing it in out on Baldy!!

Tomorrow, look for a nice day as the high pressure builds in. I expect a brisk morning, but temps should warm quickly. There will be some great freshly prepared lines in Mineral Basin with the Sun shining first thing, but the front of the hill will be offering great smoothly prepared lines as well, so don’t forget to move fast and stay out ahead of the crowd. Great conditions prevail wall to wall, with lots of fresh light powder pockets still to find. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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