10-30-16 by dave

After a long stretch of unusually warm weather, that has all but melted the snow that had fallen in the last few impulses that danced through the Front, it looks like we may be dipping into a more interesting pattern in the next while.  Early snow is sometimes a bad omen, but with the warm days that followed, I think we are in for a better outlook.  Just a hunch.  I went up to the Bird and stocked my locker so it is ready to go for the first day.  Here is a shot of the Uni Mog that is parked out front of the Center.  It is such a classic vehicle and in mint condition.   dsc04055It is during these days, when the anticipation is dialing up, I begin to work on my inner vision, where I visualize the lines I hold in my memory and try and feel the motion, cold, Sun, wind, etc.  I try to internalize the imagery as clearly as possible, as it is one of the best pre Season conditioners beside working out.  There is a chapter in my book, Snowbird Secrets, on the notion of roundness that I think is one of the key points on the internalization process.  Here is a shot of a Sun Dog that was captured last season that is a metaphor for the concept of Roundness. dsc03602The Big Cycle is round, light refracted by the atmosphere produces round effects, turns are round, and we go around and around the mountain.  Of course there are a lot more examples that can be mined from this metaphor, but look into this little concept and see what you find.  I find it really helps when it comes time to dance.  I will be posting as we get closer to the opening date, so that you will be right up to date on developments.  Don’t skimp on the Groove Sauce!!


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