3-21-16 by dave

Today was a transition day between Spring and a Winter Storm that is moving in tonight, tomorrow, and into Wednesday.  High winds were kicking on the hill out of the South making the warmish temps. seem much colder, and those Mineral Basin chair rides brisk to say the least.  I had dressed for Spring, but my light jacket was just on the fringe of too light.  The Groomers were smooth, however, they were a touch crisp with a consistency that was edgeable.  On the front side of the hill, the Groomers were firm as well, with a fair deposition of transported snow that gave those lines enough tooth to keep turning without too much shwag.  The off trail on the High North was still cold and dry and was receiving the transported product that was being blown in.  There really was not enough loose snow to build up any wind lines, but it was nice to get a solid edge set when needed.  Here is a shot of Timp. from the top of The Baldy Chair.  DSC03685Tomorrow, look for a storm riding day, with marginal visibility, building accumulation, and a firm underlying pack.  Remember the smooth lines from today and avoid those South and West aspects that were quite unworkable today.  There will be no softening as there was today, so look for those High North aspects for the best traction. Stay with the trees for reference and the reflected light.  High winds will also be a feature, so be looking for those lines that are profiting from the direction, which will be filling in the low spots and tree lines.  See you there for the return to a Winter feel as Spring begins.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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