12-03-09 by dave

There were only the few first Tram regulars on deck to start out Wednesday morning where the Guns were on but snowbody’s home , cept for usins.  No pressure at all for the sweet Gun Powder heaped up over night, which was really pumping out in the much colder temperature.  The Sun helped out a bit as the day got going but the temps. remained biting requiring more layers and heavier gloves.  The Bass highway remains problematic leaving the Shuttle as the best option.  The Snow Making effort is in full swing and running 24 hours a day.  A cloud had developed over the lower area of the Gad valley from the guns,  initially making it seem overcast, but it was clear and cold.  Tomorrow will be even colder so dress up for the condition.  The Main run is in great shape and no rocks are showing any where.  Even the upper section of Big Emma is well covered, where there is usually a scrape off and the rocks tend to show up,  but in this case it is all good to go.  Good edges will be safe from damage if you stay on the main run and will give you the ability to lock and load your turn if you get a safe opening.   Off trail remains problematic, so tread there at your peril.  Early Trams still pay off and there is plenty of room, so take advantage of the leg room.  In fact, if you had a partner you could do a full on Tango on the first Tram and just kill it.  Think about it!!

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