3-15-18 by dave

When I left the hill yesterday, there was thunder snow happening that put the lifts on hold. When I got down to The Trailer, the sound of the pounding rain on the skin of The Trailer was thunderous. This morning on the hill, revealed a high density coating of Spackle that smoothed out all the rumble, filled in much of the interference patterns, and cushioned the substrate to a degree that it was no longer in play. What a treat to have the hill prepped and primed for the next part of this cycle. The hill opened up and there were amazing lines of floaty goodness that were just delightful. Here is a shot of Brian Beck getting the full effect out on The Keyhole. As the day wore on, the cut up snow was still blastable and resisted the harbor chop stage. Everywhere I went I found smooth feeling lines that had been filled in by the snow and wind. Here is another shot of Brian Beck, taken and sent by Mikey M., getting some air into a fully filled and smooth upper entrance into Great Scott. THAT is the money run of the season, as that entrance has been dodgy all season and here it is full and fantastic. Tomorrow, look for a bit more snow overnight, with some Sun poking out now and again. It would be good if the Sun stayed shrouded to keep the pack fresh… We’ll see. The hill is in great shape and there are still some fresh lines waiting in the wings. It will be a great day for snow sport sliding. Stay Frosty!!

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