12-31-16 by dave

It was a very murky day here in the valley as I worked on the antenna array to get it lined up for the messages coming in from The Big Giant Head.  A fine dust was falling out of the inversion cloud making the top of The Trailer very slippery.  Up on the hill, the Sun was shining and a beautiful day of sliding was on tap to ring in the New Year.  The Groomers were offering that untracked corduroy for the early risers.  Here is a shot of the me and the Crew hanging out at The Landing checking out the lines out under the Sunday Cliffs, which had been opened recently.20161230_091936Tomorrow, look for more great Grooming to be offering ground pounding fun for the Morning Crew.  There is nothing like dialing in luxurious turns in perfect untracked corduroy.  I liken it to 40” of Zero % Essence.  So light you can’t even see it, yet, there it is.  I will be hitting the hill first thing in the AM. and will have a first hand account for tomorrow’s post.  Have a safe New Year’s Eve, and  Stay Frosty!!

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