The Big Chill

3-12-09 by dave

Thursday morning started with very cold air and the darkness that day light savings brings to the first few runs.  Very light attendance, overall, kept the tram at a walk on level all day.  The contest was still working the West Baldy aspect and did not impinge on the runs at all.  The groomed corduroy was groovalicious, wall to wall, with a  dry chalky consistency where ever the big buff had been applied.  Yet another rare lower mountain shot got the nod this morning giving this steep long real estate a silky sheen like a fleece blanket.  Soooo Goood!!! The temps stayed briskly cold without much let up and all aspects remained winter like despite the high sun angle.  Again, only the most direct south facing aspects were dampened by the sun and will be crusty in the AM.  Touring opened today and will remain so tomorrow with great reports coming back from tours.  The crud is beginning to get set up with the continued cold and is getting a bit stiff but blastable if you carry enough speed , but it also gives way to slower meticulous round turns if one has the patience to approach it in this way;  so take your pick. The forecast is for continued warming so the day should be great for the faithful as well as the contestants.  Remember to give those south faces some time in the AM and take advantage of continued winter chalk.  See you on first boat!!!

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