3-27-24 by dave

This morning was quite cold on the peak, keeping the fresh snow soft and sweet while The Faithful went full on for the goods in Mineral Basin. All of the Bookends and Sunday Cliff were wide open and perfect. Other amazing lines had been prepared which really were special with just a light dusting to top them off.

Mikey M threading the gap on Baldy Shoulder.
Jaden Shand coming out of Hanging bowl
Mike McCarthy sent this wind wave pealing and looking meaty.

With the cold temps, the quality remained quite good and stayed consistent and fast. The hill is still in fairly smooth condition as we move into another active weather period beginning tomorrow. Tomorrow, look for approaching storm conditions, with some wind, and some overcast. The prepared lines will be offering amazing quality and will let you dial in your inner Ligety. I had some site maintenance happening the past couple of days, so I could not post yesterday. Thanks to all at MYSTIC MEDIA for all the support of the site and hosting domain. I am woefully lost in the computer world and I so appreciate all they do to keep me getting the posts out to the world. See the line, BE the line!!!

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