1-15-16 by dave

There was an extra heaping helping of fresh Essence this morning as the total was under reported.  There was fully boot top to knee deep medium density product that just blew up into face shots.   Mineral Basin was delayed, so I was working the front of the hill, finding great lines in spots that I have been skirting for the early part of the season.  The interference patterns were still in play, but the extra heft of the snow, combined with the depth, made even those lines much more approachable.  I was also able to get the rope drop on one of the High North aspects that was worth the wait.  When Mineral Basin opened, it offered much deeper cover than the front of the hill due to that micro climate back there.  Visibility was at a premium all day on all sides of the hill, with Mineral testing the limits of your inner vision to negotiate whatever line you chose.  Conditions are great and getting better as the snow continued all day long and was really pumping when I called it a day around 2 PM.  Tomorrow, look for more great conditions to be on tap wall to wall, with all your favorite lines good to go.  Even the long traverses are well worth the time to get those out of the way shots.  Still, be aware of hazards that are hiding underneath the freshness, but all in all, the hill is prime time now.  More snow is in the forecast, so dress for cold and stormy weather and use the uphill capacity of the Quads to bypass any Tram back up. DSC03398 Lastly, here is a shot of the Californians, who are here as they follow the storms looking for the deepest goods.  I am glad the got what they were looking for.  See you Sunday after I rest up tomorrow.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!


  1. thiel says:

    Dave buddy. It was not that good hate to say. A few spots were ok but the crowds and interference patterns frankly sucked. The five runs I took producecd about 20 good turns. As Steve on the patrol agreed another 2 feet would have made if great. Lets hope for better in the next few days but el nino is shoving things south. However. Its a long season. Gotta get rid of the early pack. then it will really get good.

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