1-10-10 by dave

As anticipated, Sunday morning was ultra fast and quiet on the first 5 boats, making the conditions perfect for some super sonic flights.  The wings were working just fine pulling into the fall line and loading up for maximum R&R.  By 11:00 AM the Trams got full, though walk on Trams persisted making it easy to do back to backs.  It got too crowded for the Wings, so I put them back in the hanger until tomorrow.  There will be a canyon closure from 7:00AM.  until 8:30 Monday morning , so plan accordingly.   I do not know why, but whatever.  The North facing is very nice on most aspects.  The bumps are building only on the most popular aspects leaving the other sections fairly smooth and edge-able.  Nice, dry, and chalky lines are easy to find.  The wind has worked it’s magic  in many areas creating smooth lines in many locations.  Check them out from the Tram as you go up or scope them out from the chairs.  The punch -ability factor is gone now with solid support for your most dialed in turn.  It is easy to see the hazards now, making them avoidable for the most part.  The Sun is beginning to get higher in the sky now with the South East aspects softening as the morning warms up.  Those same soft areas will be a touch crispy in the AM., so take that into consideration by holding off until softening occurs.  The Groomers are getting scraped off by 1:00 PM leaving those touchy slick spots a fly in the butter.  I think it is about time to bring out some new sticks.  I won’t know how to act with real edges, though I suspect I will miss the loose characteristics of a heavily used ski.  The overall cover is excellent with snow making still in full effect.   Regulator was getting the treatment this morning , making the snow under the guns soft and sweet.  The flat light in the morning makes the visibility a challenge until the Sun gets higher.  Just when Reg. gets sunny in the AM. the Daylight savings thing pushes us back into the dark for a while.   See you all dark and early.  Ciao for now.  Peace Out!!

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