2-05-12 by dave

It was Super out in the Bowl today, with no traffic, perfect corduroy, and bright Sun to light things up.  The Grooming crew did a great job creating a velvet smooth finish on those Mineral Basin shots.  The front side is still good, with the tenderizing efforts offering smooth cruising, but those early  morning runs are dark on the front side, so the Mineral Basin option is best during these High Pressure periods.  I spent all morning taking advantage of the goodness.  Cool temps. has kept the snow dry and chalky, though the firmness is beginning to spread to the last vestiges of North facing softness.  The wind did not do much to fill any lines in overnight, leaving most of the open slopes a bit choppy, with the high traffic areas demanding a quick response technique.  Tomorrow, look for another ripper, with very little traffic.  This morning, the Chef took his Wings out for another test flight.  If you heard a Sonic Boom this morning, it was him blasting the open lines in Mineral basin, with the high point being the high speed turn at the bottom of Regulator… He Nailed It!!!  Black Ice was present again in the lower Canyon, being quite obvious, but it is the areas, where it is not so obvious, that will surprise you.  Be Careful.  See  you for the first Tram of the day.   Ciao!!!

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