4-04-13 by dave

It was quite a bit warmer this morning, with Mineral Basin offering some sunny sorbet right off the bat on White Diamonds, which demanded lap after lap to get as much of that corn goodness as possible.  The lines off Baldy Express were sweet as well, though not as extensive as previous days.  The front of the hill was offering dry chalky Groomers, as the snow was still holding the cold, and it was not until the lower part of the hill that things got crispy, however, tenderizing had been done on some lines, so you had to be judicious as to line choice.  Mineral warmed up fast with the bright Sun shining from the early hours, and here is a shot of the Twins from the back as they look in the crisp morning air.  The hill thawed out by Noon and, with the freeze, stood up for quite a while before the sticky factor began to crop up on the flats.  I noticed numerous folks struggling on the West facing crust well before the thaw, and it looked painful, so be aware of the aspect before going in to a section that will demand yourDSC01424 full attention.  Tomorrow, look for precipitation to be the order of the day as weather is moving in as I write this with clouds lowering.  We will see a number of days of unsettled weather, which will deliver a continuous accumulation to the hill, so keep your favorite smooth lines in mind as the visibility goes South.  Get ready for a return to winter conditions and dress for cold and windy weather.  See you in the AM.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!!


2 Responses to “SUNNY SORBET”

  1. Sky King says:

    “Full Attention”??

    Hah hah,,,We have lots of “Full Attention” in Maine, mark my words.

    Dave you need to return to New England. I will be happy to show you around. You can send your pious notes from out here. LOL

    Hope this finds you well my friend.


  2. dave says:

    I am planning a trip back to Boston in June or late May, depending on when the Bird closes. Looking to ride a wave again. Thanks for sharing the dream. see you soon.

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