2-06-10 by dave

Saturday morning had very a very foggy start, but cleared off for first Tram and the better part of the morning.  A cloud moved up out of the valley and fogged things in again, reducing the visibility significantly.   The 4” of new was dense and buoyant cushioning the ride overall.  The chop underneath was evident, though it did not bounce me around too much.  The well established bumps were a different matter, sending me back to the smooth for relief.  The main entrance into Great Scott is a forbidden zone once again.  I took one look in there and just bagged it.  Most entrances are holding up fairly well but watch for wind stripping from overnight transport.  The flow is out of the South West making the opposing shots the ones to look for.  I am still steering clear of the slide debris in those affected areas, where large chunks still remain well above surface.  Keep them in mind during periods of reduced visibility.  The steep choke points are very thin and present issues if you  get down into the zone.   It looks like we might get a bit more fresh overnight making the morning session the one to catch.   See you all on the first bucket!!!

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