5-04-10 by dave

We dodged a hail of bullets over the past powder cycle, with the Sun remaining shrouded, only briefly peaking through the clouds to light our way, thus preserving the sauce for days.  With the clearing off, the Sun quickly began the spring thing, gumming up the product and making the overall quality less than optimum.  Tuesday morning presented definite issues off trail, with the light overnight snow fall filling in the troughs and barely cushioning the now frozen mashed potatoes that pervades there.  The Groomers were covered with a perfect skiff, giving them a beautiful satin feel with some of the hard glaze showing through in some spots.  Very light traffic had 20 minute Trams going off, enabling a full back to back program for the vert. crew that was there knocking them out one after another.  Both sides of the hill presented similar complexions, so it was your choice of shot.  I ventured off trail to get a sense of the feel and made a hasty retreat back to the smooth and reliable.  The wind was howling, refilling the tracks run after run keeping the ride smooth and rockin’.  Tomorrow look for a warmer day with softening a feature as the day progresses.  The Groomers will be quite glazed again, though be on the look out for some tenderizing efforts.  A delayed arrival will put you there as the softening is going off.  Look for the 11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon window for  the sorbet treat to begin.  The freeze thaw cycle will begin getting us back to the spring corn cycle once again.   So far there have been No messages from THE BIG GIANT HEAD, as I have doubled up on the aluminum foil I wear to mitigate the constant threat of re deployment, so I hope to be participating on first Tram in the AM.  Hope to see you there.   IBBY!!!

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  1. TeleMama says:

    OK, gang, let’s sing the Major Mudd theme!

    “With an I and a B and a B and a Y
    Means ‘I’ll Be Blasting You!’
    We’ll take a trip In a rocket ship
    Up in the sky so blue!
    With Major Mudd
    In the Nervous One
    Means lots of fun for you–
    With an I and a B and a B and a Y
    Means ‘I’ll Be Blasting YOUUUUU!'”

    & now, Mr. Guru, who/ what is the BIG GIANT HEAD?

    & with conditions that are bullet proof, why oh why would you be on the first ride in the AM? Should you not bide your time, hava nother’ cup o’ joe & watch the sun rise to soften the cord?

    & what of Mineral…? Would she be soft come 11ish? With clouds often it stays so hard…. with wind cooling further….

    & what say the “authorities” about this weekend for us Warriors who work? what will be open?

    Oh great Guru, we seek thee. teeheehee…

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