Sun Before The Storm

3-08-09 by dave

Beautiful sunny morning with stout wind chilling an already cold morning.  The wind was swirling around the mountain with no apparent direction. It appeared out of the south, but Peruvian was blowing out of the north and Gad seemed to be out of the west.  The wind did not have quite enough carrying power to do much in the way of smoothing , but the  high north faces were showing signs of buffage.  The considerably cold temps helped keep the snow refrigerated nicely and only the most direct exposures will get wet.   The grooming crew punched a shot in Mineral, which I have never seen done, and it was a treat;  look for it under the chair.  Two other  lower Peruvian classics got the treatment as well and were super velvet.  Very nice!!  I took full advantage of the low early morning attendance to hammer out some serious vertical until the lines started to fill in as the morning progressed.  Out of area opened with great reports from the return tours so  the overall trend is getting better by the day. The forecast continues to promise a substantial snowfall so it is going to get good .  Bump areas are still hanging tough , but hopefully the new snow will be deep enough to make them blastable; one can only hope.  Shake off that daylight savings fog and get out early!!!!

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