3-23-24 by dave

Overcast skies, stout winds, and visibility issues sent some storm signals out ahead of the front that is moving through right now. This will be a long run of unsettled weather for the next few days. The wind got wild today, with wet snow falling, and plenty of wide open lines to work. It was important this past week to get a good look at the pack, looking for static, rumble and the interference patterns that have been building up, but also have been mitigated by some of the wind work in the past days.

John, AKA Leopard Man watches over the hill and the festivities daily. We miss him dearly. His wild and gentle spirit lives on.

Tomorrow, look for some fresh Essence delivered overnight as the meat of the storm is moving through. Stay with the smooth lines that have been prepared, and the wind worked lines that have developed recently as well. The old layer will still be in play, so expect variations and inconsistencies from turn to turn. Visibility will be a concern, so stay close to the trees for best contrast and reference points. Dress for storm riding and prepare for wind as well. IBBY!!!

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