2-16-11 by dave

I was kept up all night by the relentless wind rocking the Trailer.  I knew the communication array was taking a beating and would be totally out of alignment.  I got up extra early to try and get a signal before I left for the Hill, but I will have to deal with that situation later.  I did not have too much hope for the Tram, as my vehicle was getting seriously rocked  as I approached the Canyon.   Fortunately, the Tram was up and running into a straight South wind, enabling it to keep running in the serious wind pressure.  As anticipated, the  scouring effect of the wind had stripped even more surface snow away, leaving the frozen Harbor Chop of three weeks ago.   Scoping out the hill on the ride up revealed very scant deposits of transported essence.  Getting to those aspects was the trick, as the traverse had been pummeled, leaving high frequency chatter.  I  slowed down  to avoid the eye ball flapping amplitude I encountered yesterday.  The High North was the only aspect that seemed to be consistently holding the smooth transported snow, though there were glazed areas  to negotiate intermittently.   Those transported deposits were gold, however, delivering the sweetest sugar that lightly covered the wind slab below.  Tomorrow, we can expect some new product to begin the repair of the mountain smooth.  Remember the smooth lines from the past few days and make those the Go To choices to score the smoothest ride.  Also keep in mind the rasty areas that may interrupt the flow.    Hopefully, the new snow will come in a touch on the wet side to stick to the hard pan, and get the ball rolling for the continued deposits.  Remember how quickly things healed up after The Event, so the hill will be on the mend, working it’s way back to great.  I  hope we don’t get too much, so we can get at it and do the preparatory work with no delays.   See you in the AM.. IBBY!!!

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