2-06-13 by dave

Despite the inversion, the temps in the AM have been surprisingly cool, with a brisk North wind blowing and  a cloud deck obscuring the early morning sunshine.  By 10:30 AM., the Sun broke through as the cloud deck moved East and the dance floor was duly illuminated.  A light turn out on the hill made the back bowl seem like a private resort, with the Groomers buffed out.  The Cat Crew has continued to surprise and treat us to new and exciting drops in the past few days, and today was no exception.  The fresh lines ski like a dream with a dry chalky consistency that screams perfection.  I kept lapping the goods all morning long to take advantage of the extra goodness.  Steep and smooth is a bonus wherever you find it and it was not hard to find.  That stout wind did not do much to move the product around, but as the next system begins to move in for the weekend, we should see the South wind  kick in and begin to work the loose snow toDSC01262 fill some of the big lines.  Just a quick look around will show what you need to know.   Tomorrow, look for another rocking day, with excellent groomers, perhaps some wind loading, and good visibility to scope out the lines your are seeking.  The high traffic areas are still holding the high amplitude interference patterns, but there are plenty of lines of low amplitude rumble to circumvent the features.  Here is a shot of Rock Garden looking like it is filling in nicely.  See you for first Boat.  Ciao!!

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