12-15-13 by dave

There was no sign of any cloud deck this morning, with the first Tram docking to clear skies and a very stiff Northwest wind.  The traffic was moderate all morning, but began backing up around Noon, with the choke points on the hill getting congested.  Fresh Gun Powder was on tap for the morning crew, and there were some sumptuous sections to sample on both sides of the hill.  More terrain has opened over on Gad 2 and it has been getting worked soundly, revealing much of the early season features.  The consistency off trail is quite stiff, but it has that dry chalky feel free of some of the slick spots that are spotty on the main runs.  Caution is the order of the day when going off the beaten path, however, the cover is better than I thought is was going to be.  Tomorrow, look for another clear and rocking morning, with light traffic and the wide open back to back pace easy to keep.  Look for the sweet sections of Gun Powder during those early runs and get as much of that goodness as you can.  Interference patterns are becoming more defined as the traffic has worked the popularDSC01681 sections, but there are some wind deposited lines in the troughs that are worth looking for.  Look for some over night transported snow to be filling some of the off trail, but that will have to be assessed from the Tram on the way up in the AM.  Here is a shot of the upper section of the newly profiled section of lower Bananas looking very dry and chalky.  That chair is soooo fast.  Nice.  Stay Frosty.

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