4-29-24 by dave

It was raining at entry 1 this morning, but changed to snow as I parked the car to begin today’s festivities. There was light traffic, and a dusting of fresh snow on the dance floor, which had prepared lines that were fun and fast. In Mineral Basin, the visibility was difficult, but White Diamonds had been given the smoothing treatment and was offering nice turns to begin the day. On the front of the hill, the prepared lines were quite firm, however, the fresh cover added a wonderful silky feel. With most folks moving to Mineral Basin, first tracks was a total plus and there was no one around to distract the focused attention on the goodness.

A huge shout out to Tom and Betty from the entire team membership, all of which send warm vibrations to you both.

The pack broke quickly as the morning warmed and the precipitation came to a stop. That fresh addition became like glue as the temps and filtered sun worked the pack and made for some interesting variations on the lower mountain. Tomorrow, look for more great spring conditions, with freshly tilled lines and wide open sections. I will be looking for more White Diamonds turns to kick off the morning laps. There is plenty of cover and there are no areas of melt off, so dialing in the mojo is good to go. Speed Safely!!

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