5-25-13 by dave

It was another great morning again, with only a marginal freeze.  I went with just a light wind shell for the first Tram and was just right.  The pack had firmed up, but it had been tilled on the upper part of the hill, making the turns negotiable from the start.  I hit the Forklift for a bit to let some softening occur, and that hour was the ticket.   The Gad side of the hill was good to go to the bottom, with just a stretch of the Bass Highway so thin is would not last the day, but for today it was make able.  The Peruvian Gulch had been worked hard yesterday, with interference patterns developing on the off trail sections, and even when things softened up it was still not the buff fest it was yesterday.  The break was fast, and the corn got heavy rapidly, but that did not deter the large enthusiastic crowd from flocking to the hill to get these last days in.  There was a great band on the Plaza, making a very festive atmosphere with lots of folks meeting and greeting each other for these last days of the season.  Tomorrow, look for another firm morning, with the popular off trail sections well worked, so you will have to let softening happen before hitting those sectionsDSC01517 because they will be rough in the AM.  The upper mountain grooming is still nicely done, but the back country sections have very minimal work, so don’t expect much.  You will have to walk on the Bass Highway, as I am sure it did not survive the day, so expect some walking over the transition sections.  It is going to be another festival of spring corn goodness so hit the window for the best of the day.  Here is a shot of the LCC gateway looking super 3 D in the morning light.  I pulled over to get this shot as I came around the corner.  Massive vertical to greet the faithful as they make their way to the goods.  See you on the first Boat.   Peace Out.!!!

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