4-19-17 by dave

Yesterday evening, and for most of the night, the rain pelted The Trailer with a continual insistence.  That signaled the arrival of a fresh installment of Spring Frosting to greet the expectant Faithful who showed up on time and ready to play.  There was 6 or so inches of very high density frosting that felt delightful on the upper elevations.  On the lower elevations there was a much thicker consistency that was feeling smooth and predictable, however, it had that slow motion feeling that made each turn stand out in detail.  Mineral Basin opened after a short delay which offered top to bottom cover that seemed much heavier than the front of the hill.  Gad 2 was offering some great lines that were being ignored by the Faithful who were concentrating on the Tram.  Here is a great shot taken by Neil of Upper Zooks when he followed his instincts and headed straight to Gad 2 to avoid the push for the Tram.  He scored big time with numerous runs with no traffic and no pressure. That Gad 2 option has paid dividends many times this year on a crowed morning. After 11:00AM., the snow began to morph into some serious mank on the lower elevations, so I bagged it to save my knees from the torque factor.  Tomorrow, look for more clouds and some precipitation to be in the mix.  Freshly Groomed lines will be offered on all sides of the hill, and with the new soft snow you will not have to wait for the freeze to break. Coverage remains excellent and the traverses are holding up in fine shape.  The off trail will probably be a bit testy with so much moisture content in the snow, so expect some serious rumble. Temps. should be moderate, so I will not be dressing too heavily.  Speed Safely!!

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