4-14-10 by dave

What a beautiful Wednesday morning, with the birds chirping, the sky blue and the neighbors out working in their gardens; no time to be thinking about skiing or snow fall.  Ah!, but up on the hill the truly devoted faithful, who made the morning session, were treated to full on winter powder, when Mineral Basin and Little Cloud opened for the first responders.  The full crush first Tram seekers were helplessly pulled into Mineral Basin, with the bright Sun, pristine untrammeled powder shots, and a full head of steam, leaving Little Cloud lonely and vacant for the very few who resisted the Mini B call.  Run after run of knee deep un tracked was afforded both groups, while I was able to spoon my tracks and never cross



another line, much like a return to the 70’s.   Walk on Trams, walk on chairs were the rule for the lucky ones who were able to scope their line, make the drop, and survey the tracks on the way back up the chairs.  Now the front of the hill was also sporting winter softness, with the High North aspects soft, smooth, and sumptuous due to the cold high mountain temps. that prevailed well past noon, preserving the freshness all morning.  The Sun finally began to gain the upper hand, softening the crustiness of the lowest Groomers and raising enough hair on them to get a consistent edge.  What a day indeed!!  Tomorrow look for continued dry softness on the High North aspects, with the Groomers still holding on to the winter feel, with the exception of the lowest elevations that will again be rather crispy and challenging for the morning session.   Low attendance will continue, though there are Demo Teams out and about working on technique, so give them plenty of room as they will greatly appreciate the slack.   An even warmer day is forecast for tomorrow, enabling you to dress more lightly; perhaps even driving with the top down.  How good will that be!!!.   See you then.   Ciao!!!  P.S. A little computer experiment for me trying to add content!  This shot was taken by POWDER SHOTS while I was out in Mineral.  Take advantage of those guys and drive a line toward the lens.

6 Responses to “SPRING FLOWERS”

  1. Brian Hill says:

    great shot but a little large… 640×480 it a great size to post.

  2. Blaine P. says:

    Dave, always enjoy the reports up here in SW Ontario, Canada.
    Wish we were there. My 8 year old and I.
    Nice work on the sweet lines today.
    Cheers, eh?

  3. East coast joey says:

    Did baldy open today? Hoping to hop on that tomorrow.

  4. Pedro says:

    Yes, Baldy was open yesterday except for Livin’ the Dream. (The run that drops to mineral.)
    Awesome day Dave, I was in the first tram with you. =)

  5. Richard Grossen says:

    Size is great, bigger is even better. 640×480 is of the past. Great shot, too bad I was out of town.

  6. George and Lisa Lewis says:


    Powder Shots captured the mythic essence of you skiing like a Dynastar ghostrider on a perfect powder morning.

    Don’t stop!


    George and Lisa

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