4-15-10 by dave

Thursday morning still had quite a nip to it with a very quiet attendance for the first Tram.  As anticipated, the North facing Groomers still held the cold dry chalk that still had not been hammered by the afternoon heat of yesterday.  The Lower third of the hill, however, did not escape the thaw that rendered this section very firm and tricky, though there was a bit of hair  you could shave to get you down those section.  Big Emma had been tenderized, but was strewn with Kitty Litter making any edge set very sketchy.  I opted to make my way to the top of the Wilbre Chair to get down the ridge with more control.  The lower third and West faces began breaking at 12:00 Noon offering the softness we all were waiting for.  The upper Groomers and Mineral Basin offered beautiful corduroy with little or no traffic.  I got to ski the perfect un tracked corduroy letting me effortlessly roll my edges and ride through the turn like 40” of 0% powder.  Perfect is perfect, I don’t care where your from.  That was some good gear!!  All aspects were fully softened by 2:00 PM., but there were few takers for the off trail shots.  The upper Cirque still was holding the winter cold, but I don’t think it will  have survived the warmer temps. of today.  Tomorrow will be a day to start a bit later if you are so inclined.  The Groomers will be really crispy for sure, so go expecting some noise as you turn.  The Upper North Groomers will still have some of the goods but lower elevations are going to be problematic.  I will be there dark and early as I likes it crispy!  TTFN!!

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  1. dojabr says:

    what gear are you referring to? skis? , if so, what’s your fancy?

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