2-07-12 by dave

The morning crew was greeted with some brisk temps., bright sunshine, stout wind, and some extensive Grooming.  Mineral Basin was looking inviting, with lots of light, and smoothing lines as the wind began to transport the loose snow to the North facing aspects.   The front side of the hill was really firm for the morning session, but began to soften up as the transported snow began to fill the lines on that side of the hill.  The firmness factor is beginning to resemble the conditions of the pre cycle period, with some glazed sections that can send you spinning out, even if you know they are there.   Regulator was quite crispy today, and did not soften a bit all day.  Tomorrow, look for the wind smoothed lines on the High North aspects, however, the clouds ahead of the small impulse moving in will degrade the visibility considerably, so take that into account for lens selection.  The traffic is very low, with walk on Trams going off continually, which is perfect for the vertical crew.   There is low traffic on the hill as well, but there is still increased traffic as you get into the bottom half of the hill, so expect the unexpected.   Here is a shot of the Tram cables glowing in the Sun.  See you in the AM.  IBBY!!!


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