3-21-17 by dave

The temps. were above freezing on the Peak this morning as gray clouds obscured the Sun and made the light so flat that very little in the way of detail could be discerned on the Groomers.   Mineral Basin had that first velvet feel, and the consistently smooth mat helped make the flat light issues more manageable.  Lewis and Clark had some surprise industrially smoothed lines that were a treat, and the velvet feel began to morph toward that Sorbet Window.  On the front of the hill the Groomers were feeling OK during the early laps, but when the Sorbet Window hit the Peruvian Gulch, it was full on with the top to bottom boogie easy and fast.  Later, after 11:30AM., the softening morphed more toward the Snow Cone feel, which seemed to make time slow down as the thickening pack made the turns feel deep powder floaty.   It was an interesting feeling and I took full advantage of the few hour goodness window before it morphed more fully toward the Slushy Cup Zone.  I had to call it a day when I started to feel the sticky spots crop up.  I met Team Marzelli on the Tram on one of my laps for the Sorbet Goodness.  Tony was showing his folks the sights and sharing the stoke.  They are from NH. and were really enjoying the time at The Bird.  I told them Tony had come to the right place!!   Tomorrow, look for more unsettled weather, with colder temps. overnight.  I will be looking for the Groomed lines that have had the tenderizing efforts employed for extra traction, as I expect the pack to be very crispy over all.  I made the mistake of venturing off the prepared lines today, and found myself committed to dealing with the Gnar before softening had a chance to occur.  Doh!!  There should be a fair bit of wind out ahead of the storm pattern that is moving in slowly over the front.  See  you there for the exploratory runs in the AM.  See The Line,  BE The Line!!

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