4-22-16 by dave

Another sorbet delight was served up for the morning session, with Mineral Basin offering deluxe lines that were back country perfect.  White Diamonds had been given a stellar retill, with Lower Silver Dipper buffed smooth and consistently.  I had to slow way down just to dig in as much as possible to extract as much juice from each sumptuous turn. True, one could stomp the line and dial in the best centrifics imaginable, but I was looking for a more intimate approach to each turn.  On the front of the hill, the lines were a bit firmer, but with the warm South wind, it would be just a bit that the break would occur.  When the break did hit, the entire hill was offering the same sorbet goodness wall to wall, with even the off trail getting very workable.  These Spring days are just so great.   Work on the Tram began today, with a helicopter lifting gear to each tower.  Here is a shot of the A6 dropping a load off on Tower 1.DSC03788The South wind was really picking up around Noon, and the temps. were really warm, but the snow quality was holding up as the wind seemed to keeping the pack from getting sticky.  The helicopter was having an interesting time with the pics in the wind, but it was impressive how quickly the pilot was able to hold it still and make the pic.  DSC03790Tomorrow, the weather will have moved into the Front, delivering snow to the higher elevations.  The temps. will be much colder, so do not expect much in the way of the softening of the pack.  Visibility will be an issue , so dress for weather and remember the smooth lines from today.  Look for the Groomed lines to be offering the best ride, as the off trail could be a bit tricky.  I will be taking the day off for R and R.  Straight Ahead!!

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