snow good today

2-02-09 by dave

Good wind slab for everybody.   totally incredible.   Unreal groomers the crew did an exquisite job.  It was Bodilicious.  Wind over night did some surprising things in the south and the continued cold temps kept the lions share chilled.   Watch the exposed knolls as they can be crunchy before the carpet continues  below it.  I’ve been dressing for warm and and have been scolded by the cold.  Lesson: dress warmer Dave!!   I often remember the late Robert Young, who always dressed for how he wanted it to be.   Sun glasses and the top down just cruisin….   Wind continued all day so it might provide some sweet lines if it blows over night !!!   Shots go fast .   High pressure remains but I saw a huge sun dog in the sky in the afternoon so that bodes well, as we know.

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