1-30-12 by dave

The light was quite flat this morning for first Tram, but Mineral Basin had some sunshine illuminating the dance floor, so I made a lap out there to start.  The Grooming Crew had done a beautiful job of punching a new line down the lower Downhill section under White Diamonds, offering some of the most sumptuous carving of the season.  It was totally natural, soft, consistent, and skied like Butter.  The peak temp. was 25 degrees, but the stiff breeze coming in ahead of the snow flurries made it seem much colder.  I found myself under dressed riding the chair back up to the peak.   Doh!!! The Snow Guns were blazing on Regulator, where the Gun Powder was deposited all the way down slope, with a soft sensual texture that inspired me to slow down and savor the scrumptulecent quality of the offering.  You have to get the goods were you find them, as we move back into the FIRM ZONE once again.   The interference patterns are building once again in the high traffic zones.  The Upper Cirque has been worked over pretty well, with some serious reefage exposed all the way down the fall line.  The upper entrance into Great Scot is now toast, due to the pent up demand, and the rotten snow pack against the rocks.  The better option is the Rat’s Nest entrance, which is no real bargain itself.  Just so you know going in.   The off trail is getting quite stiff, with some low amplitude, high frequency rumble to deal with, that makes a charging line into the flat light dubious at best.  Tomorrow, look for more cloudiness to keep the flat light going, and bringing no real precipitation.  Today’s inch helped smooth the ride, once again demonstrating what just a little bit of fresh can do.   There is low traffic on the lifts, so make the most of the walk on pace, and get some mega vertical.  See you in the AM. for some righteous Rock And Roll.   IBBY!!!

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  1. Carole Livingston says:

    Hope to see you arriving 2/4=11!
    Your pal, Carole Livingston

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