11-20-14 by dave

We got a sneak peak at the hill today, with a short open window between 1 and 4PM for Season Pass holders.  When 1 PM rolled around there were the eager folks who showed up to be among the first to ride up. As the afternoon moved along the folks really started to fill up the maze at the Gad Zoom Chair.  The line moved quickly with the High Speed Quad pumping them up the hill in short order.  On the hill, the one run that was open from the top of the chair was well covered, with no rocks or grass showing on the main run.  There was a defined rope line to delineate the run, and beyond that line was very thin cover.  The stoke factor is high and many were taking advantage of the nice grooming and smooth surface that had been prepared.  There is a very firm surface under the loose snow on the top, making edges a definite plus.  I am still rolling with my last season’s patina that just seemed to smear.  That was OK with me as I was just trying to get my sense of motion. There was plenty of soft snow to dig into, and more was building up on the sides of the traffic pattern.  I was just picking a side line and let the traffic move past.  Here is a shot my friend Neil took with his phone when we got to the top of the first chair ride.  -75Tomorrow will be offering the same terrain and it will have been re worked, so those morning runs will be best, though the light could be very flat as a new weather system is poised to move into the Wasatch Front all this weekend.  That will be a very needed and welcomed event.  Temps have warmed up in the last two days after the cold blast that the country has been dealing with.  Dress for the chairs and get ready for a great season.  Keep your attention focused at all times in the tight terrain offered and give everyone plenty of room.  See you there for the early corduroy.  Peace Out!!

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  1. marie says:

    nice to see “my consultants” out having fun.

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