3-20-14 by dave

It was slightly warmer this morning, though it was wise to dress for the morning cold.  Unreal Grooming had been done on all sides of the hill with Lower Silver Fox getting the very rare buff work.  That long steep section required all your attention, especially in the early morning flat light before the Sun got over the ridge.  That was an extra special treat that kept me lapping the Peruvian Chair to get as much as I could as fast as I could.  Shaving the nap of fresh corduroy is a beautiful thing.  Mineral Basin was bathed in Sunlight, and White Diamonds had a fresh till that turned up the cold snow from below the surface, which really refreshed the feel after the Solar attack from the day before.  The High North is still holding the best snow on the hill, however there is a high frequency, low amplitude rumble to deal with, but that is easily negotiated.  The deep trees are still holding some of the cold, though the traffic is working the interference pattens higher by the day.  There are long lines though the static, so a good flow line can be established with a bit of finesse.  Tomorrow, you can expect some clouds to have moved into the area, so the light might be a bit flat.  Remember the smooth lines from today, and rely on the smooth consistency of the Grooming work to keep you moving with gusto.   Here is a shot of two friends, Mary Ellen and The Budmeister from Boonville N. Y. who have been getting all the goods they can during their stay.  There are lots of goods to get.  IBBY!!DSC01985

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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    We enjoyed our conversation on the tram. Thank you for recommending Silver Fox–it was perfection. We look forward to reading your Blog, keep up the good work. Your pictures capture the essence of Snowbird.

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