1-24-24 by dave

There was some slight clearing today, but plenty of cloud cover on the hill that really made some descents a challenge to find reference by which to navigate. The Peruvian Gulch was offering Anderson’s Hill and lower Primrose Path machine worked to perfection, which was covered by a light dusting of overnight accumulation. The turning was amazing with full platform engagement with each turn. I had to slow down to extract as much goodness from each turn as I could. Rare top to bottom perfection. Out in Mineral Basin, the clearing was most evidenced, with some views down into the bowl that looked inviting, but I was working the front side carve fest all morning.

Mark Harath getting a fresh line of sweet goodness out on the Bookends.
Mikey M. getting the goods and staying in the shade for the best aspect and quality. You can see the Sun shining in the Bowl.

After lunch, the clearing began to expand, however, as I began to choose lines, the clouds lowered and I went looking for alternatives. I stuck with the smooth and the known lines for ease and a break on the vertigo I was fighting. Tomorrow, look for a storm day as there is a significant accumulation expected. Be sure to dress for weather and go with what you knew to be smooth to make the variations easier to navigate. Great cover continues, and more is on the way. See you there for the fresh installment. IBBY!!!

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