2-09-13 by dave

It seemed as if the storm was over before it got started, as the skies this morning seemed to be clearing off.  This was only a fake out, with the continuation of the installment later in the day.  The visibility was intermittent as the day continued, and the accumulation built up nicely.  This installment is now predicted to continue into tomorrow, so there will be more goods to be had for faithful that did not get to share today.  It has been nice to watch the storm from the Trailer, and take the time to catch up on the details that get lost in the shuffle, as well as enjoy the snow falling outside the window.  Tomorrow, look for more accumulation to be lavished on the hill.  All exposures are in very good shape, and the interference patters , though stout in places, will begin to mellow as they get filled in.  Still be careful on the High North entrances, where there had been very tricky lines to negotiate in places.  Though this pattern is not supposed to be big, there might be some Canyon restrictions in the AM., so check it out before heading up.  Here is another  flash from the past at the Beach.  This was the crew that instituted this ongoing tradition.  I am so glad that these traditions still hold the spirit. Thanks you T and B for these windows into the past.  See you there for the early Trams.  IBBY!!298589_2095218823943_1349501962_1811154_1009903373_n

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  1. Michelle Harwood says:

    Come on Biggie, we need your love tonight!

  2. Mike Fraelick says:

    I always enjoy skiing and chatting with you when I’m visiting from the Windy City. This last trip was most memorable.
    I love the old photos. I’d like to send you one. email or text ?

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