1-31-11 by dave

Finally the hill was graced with a new installment of low density essence, which started out as 3 to 4” and  quickly built up in depth as the storm continued to dump all day long.  As anticipated, the essence did not bring enough to cushion the crustulation that has been developing all week, so while the new snow was sweet and tasty, it also had a contrasting crunch just to add complexity to the dessert.   The visibility was also an issue, that kept me choosing lines that were close to the trees and still smooth.  An eidetic memory of all the available alternative smoothness, assisted in navigating the low vis., and the low amplitude rumble that was bound to be encountered.  Overnight grooming offered some exceptional lines that were covered adequately, though the lurking slick spots required a longer more averaged turn to mitigate the inconsistency.  Tomorrow, look for more snow to have fallen as the system moves out and the weather is talking about another quick moving cold front to come in and add to the goodness.    Mineral Basin was reporting very limited visibility, with the vast expanse of limited reference points, so be aware of the South facing sections out there that were frozen and generally difficult to negotiate.  The West facing aspects are also tricky after the recent exposure to the Sun, with Pucker-brush very iffy in the break over section, so exercise discernment when charging the transition.  I am looking forward to another day of good vibes, good snow, and good friends to share the arrival of the new fluffulecence!     Here is a shot – courtesy of Jay from Powder Shots- of how today would have looked if the Sun had been out, with similar depth and a very crusty base course here on upper Silver Dipper.

Averaging the turn


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