4-18-14 by dave

There was a high, thin, cloud deck over the hill this morning, but the Sun was filtering through illuminating the dance floor.  The ripping wind out of the West put the Tram on hold, however, the Peruvian Chair was fired up, giving full access to Mineral Basin and the nicely prepared Primrose Trifecta.  The upper elevation was still holding the cold, with the lower elevation pitches soft early, as there was no real freeze overnight.  Off trail was still tricky with the crunch factor in play, but the warmth would be breaking that issue quickly.   The Groomers in  Mineral Basin were very nice, but that wind sent me for the locker to add a layer.  Traffic on the hill was very light with wide open lines and a ground pounding pace was good to go.  Weather is moving in for tomorrow, though it seems the precipitation will be holding off until later in the day.  Look for the Groomers to be offering the best feel on the hill.  The High North has been affected by the recent warmth and is not quite what it was just days ago, so be sure to wait for the softening there before charging those lines.  The cover remains excellent all over the hill and you can access all the traverses with ease.  I will be taking tomorrow off to regroup and rest for next week.  Here is a shot of my friend JP and his son Maxi Bro Bro who were here for their annual visit.  I have know  JP since my first year at the area back in 76.  Time flies and the new generation is poised to keep the tradition alive and well.  Great to see you guys stoked for the Spring conditions.   Ciao!!DSC02055

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