1-08-13 by dave

The hill had been coated with a 1” layer of  Rhime Ice this morning, and while the word ice might seem slick, DSC01177 it was actually very silky and smooth as it stuck to the old layer and offered a plush ride on both sides of the hill.   The visibility was, as anticipated, variable and intermittent as the day progressed.  There was fair distance relief but little in the way of detail, so staying with the tried and true smooth lines was the best call.  Once again it was a very light traffic day as no one thought much of the way the Front looked from the valley, so they stayed home.  There was only a minimal Rhime Ice freeze on the goggles and only cropped up from time to time necessitating a quick scrape to clear the field.   There might be some additional accumulation overnight, as it seemed there was cloud cover over the Lake, but we will have to wait and see.  In any case, tomorrow will offer some sumptuous lines to rage on from the word go, as all the big smooth lines are still holding up nicely.  I was excited to get an early start this morning despite the cloud cover, and here is a shot of The Jersey Connection staged and ready to get on the first Boat.  I know they had fun because it was that kind of day.   See you in the AM.   Ciao!!

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