1-10-13 by dave

DSC01186Last night the Trailer was taking a beating from the high South wind pounding out ahead of the next storm.  While the wind was nuking in the Valley, the peak was surprisingly mellow and the Tram was having no real problems.   The hill had been stripped by the wind overnight, and despite looking at all the lines from yesterday everything had set up and got very firm.  I spent the day doing recognizance going into the storm so I know what to look for when it all gets covered.  The overall coverage is excellent and only marginal scouring of West facing sections occurred.  The interference patterns are fairly low amplitude for the most part, but some of the steep high traffic sections are holding some serious relief, but those sections are easily avoided.  With luck, this installment will start off a bit on the heavy side to cover the rumble, with lighter density coming in later in the storm.  Be aware that the Upper Cirque approach just short of the drop had been stripped clean, so there is Zero buffer and can grab your ski as you get close.   Expect some of the hard pack to peak through in spots, but there should be no problems dialing in the fall line wall to wall.  We have been waiting for this installment for a while and it is finally here.  Here is a shot of the Bingham Mine looking massive in the clarity of the freshly cleansed air.   See you for the deep in the AM!!

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  1. Jason says:

    Missed the last couple of days so this intel will come in handy for the powder mission tomorrow. Thanks for keeping the troops informed! Carry on…

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