4-07-10 by dave

After all the drama connected with yesterday’s shut down  of the slopes and canyon, Thursday morning dawned with postcard perfect blue sky, deep piled powder from heaven, and a clear road to get to the dream whip.  The faithful had called in all the re enforcements to deal with the wall to wall frosting.  Indeed they wasted no time slathering the mounted up goodness.  Now, it certainly was not the ultra light fluff of Sunday’s offering, but the buoyant consistency made each turn a dream come true.  The mountain opened promptly with the usual areas opening in succession, giving the hungry participants the next portion of sweet dessert.  With the Sun high in the sky, it was not long before the rays began to work the leftovers, thickening and baking the cream into a less than optimum consistency.  The High North and Shaded areas resisted this process as the day drew on,  and there were plenty of hidden lines to be found if you looked around a bit.  Little Cloud opened with beautiful snow wall to wall.  It seemed a shame to mare such a perfect picture as the Twins towered majestically over the perfection, but we came here to partake of the wonder and wonderful it was.  Once again the energy level was high test fuel, accelerating the seekers to perform some serious shredage.  I was taking it all in as I rode the tram and moved across the traverses, it was like my own private ski movie burning into my permanent memory. When I am in the Home, and the tubes are coming out of my nose, I will have these images to reflect on, but that is well in the future and there are so many more shots to down load.   Tomorrow look for Mineral Basin to open, as it remained closed today.  The High North aspects will still hold the cold for another day with soft crud.   The Groomers will be very nice with the heavier density snow creating a perfect ride.  Watch the highly exposed shots, which will be grabby and crunchy and less than fabulous.  I think the heavy push for the goods is over, though Friday is usually a fairly busy day, but you can get as much as you can take regardless.  See you in the AM.  and I hope you had a great day if you were there; you will be talking about it for years!!!  Peace Out.

3 Responses to “POSTCARD PERFECT”

  1. Brian Hill says:

    Again I was there and Dave is correct… the wait was long but it was worth it. The snow was a little heavy but pretty deep in the trees and when the RTP opened I went to the pipeline bowl and hit some untracked and it was biblical. Yeah great day in the sun in the powder.

  2. George and Lisa Lewis says:


    I was getting an apicoectomy (major oral surgery) yesterday at 9am and the endontist told me that I should rest for the next 7-10 days.

    I pulled out my Snowbird trail map and pointed to where I had planned to hike up to the twins to ski pipeline.

    As I am on heavy meds., the climb will have to wait to next season. I am restricted to riding the tram and chairs.

    We are still coming.

    Lisa and I will be flying out of EWR on a nonstop on 4-10.

    See you at the office,

    George and Lisa

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