4-08-10 by dave

Thursday morning was clear cold and quiet after the last week.  The Groomers were, as anticipated, dry, cold, and chalky as the machines tilled the high density snow.  The mountain had resisted the full onslaught of the Sun after the latest installment, so the quality was  excellent top to bottom.  Off trail, however, the situation was variable , with the High North exposures holding the cold softness, though the density required a bit more aggression to blast through.   Mineral Basin opened with  the faithful crowding the rope line awaiting the drop.  This area had been getting worked by the Sun and wind over the last days, and attention to aspect paid big dividends in route selection.  Of  course, the High North facing aspects featured the best quality and that seemed to be the focus of the crowd that had assembled.  Many seekers dropped early into the due East facing, while others turned the corner sampling White Diamonds with it’s more set up offering.  The rest rushed the traverse pushing the slower seekers to get after it.  The relatively low turn out kept the line on the chair minimal enabling a rapid turnaround for another turn at the expansive untracked that stretched beyond the Hillary Step.  Very nice sliding was on tap for quite a while before it was tracked out.   Tiger Tail and Thunder Bowl were the next areas to be released to the faithful, who moved into the far reaches to get the smooth exotic shots that lay out that far. Again, it did not last long, but the North facing aspect kept the snow soft and cold out there for most of the day.  Tomorrow look for the Groomers to be the call for the warm up runs and will continue to be good all day.  The High North faces will still be cold and dry albeit a bit stiff with the slow morphing effect.  There will be some clouds moving in, which could possibly turn the lights off, but don’t let that throw you.  This time of the season, use your sense of aspect to get the best of the hill.  I’ll  see you tomorrow.  Ciao!!!

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